A simple guide to registering your website

Here we will describe exactly how to register a website, in simple steps. You can own your chosen web site name in a few minutes from now.

The instructions assume you have never done this before. More details about how to register a web site are given on our other pages (see list on right) but here we just give you a simple guide.

So, here we go:

Super Simple instructions – how to register a website

  1. Go to a domain name registrar like GoDaddy.
  2. Use their search box to see if the web site name you want is available.
  3. If the name is available, you can buy it instantly. It will cost about $10-$12.

Detailed instructions – how to register a website

1. Think of the name you want for your site. Though many names are of course already taken, there are infinite names still left.

For this exercise, we will assume I have chosen the domain name mybeautifuldomain.com to register.

2. Go to a domain name registrar. There are many of these, but we will use GoDaddy.com as an example. The process is very similar at all registrars.

Domain Name Registrar

3. Type in the name you want in their search box to confirm the name is available.

searching for a domain name

If you specified a  .com and it is already taken, you will get a message, and you can then select another extension (such as .net, .org, .us, .mobi, .co, .biz), or you can select a variation of the name. Godaddy will suggest some likely similar names which are still available.

In our example of how to register a website, mybeautifuldomain.com is available.

finding an available domain name

You can then click ‘Continue to Registration’.

4. Fill out the Domain Registration information

You will need to register at the site, and add your personal details (name, address, email and so on). This is so the details can be used to record you as the legal owner of the new domain.

Domain Name owner details

Then click ‘Next’.

5. Select your Domain Settings

Here you select the length of time you want to register the website for. Often it will be cheaper in the long run to register the site for multiple years (2, 3, 5 or 10).

Domain Name Settings - length of registration

Then click ‘Next’.

6. Privacy and domain protection

Here you can select private registration if you wish. This costs a bit more, but means your contact details and email address are not available to the public.

Domain Name private registration

Then click ‘Next’.

8. Review your purchase

You can review what you are buying and how much it costs in total.

Buying your domain name

On the right of the page click ‘Continue to Checkout’.

9. Create your Account

At this stage, if you have never used GoDaddy before, you create your account, and your login details. This is so the next time you come back, to maintain your domain or to purchase additional domains, you can simply login.

Then click ‘Continue to Checkout’.

10. Pay for your registration using a credit card, check or Paypal.

Finally you select your payment method, accept the terms and conditions, and click ‘PLACE ORDER NOW’.

11. Congratulations

You have registered your website and are the owner of the new domain!

Though this process might seem a bit long, the next time you login to GoDaddy it will remember all your details, and registering more domains will only take you a matter of seconds.

The next step (if you haven’t chosen to host your new site at GoDaddy) is to select a host for your new site, and create your pages. There are many hosting services like Site5 which are reasonably priced and easy to use. When you have set up hosting, you will enter the host’s nameservers at Godaddy.

As you can see, the whole process of how to register a website is very simple.

If you want to get started, hop over to GoDaddy and check if the domain name you want is available.

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